Mezcal Atenco

Handcrafted artisanal mezcal from the mountains of San Juan del Río, Oaxaca - 100% natural & organic


In 2005, Oaxacan Maestro Mezcalero Don Rodolfo López Sosa set out to produce a spirit of the highest quality, one that would rank his mezcal just a notch above the rest; a 100% natural, organic double distilled mezcal, fermented using pure spring water from the mountains high above his quaint, picturesque village of San Juan del Río. As he was continuously refining the quality of his mezcal, Don Rodolfo would sell small amounts to the townspeople. He always knew that he had the recipe for producing a special spirit, and so he began to traverse the furthest reaches of the state of Oaxaca, promoting his mezcal. Berlin resident Diego Moreno, a native of Monterrey, Mexico, was intrigued and indeed fascinated by the longstanding tradition of distilling handcrafted mezcal. Thus he traveled to Oaxaca in 2013. His task was to find a superior agave-based spirit. His extensive search ended when he encountered the López Sosa family. Almost immediately both knew they would love teaming up for a new project – Mezcal Atenco.




San Juan del Río boasts a tradition of distilling artisanal mezcal dating back more than 100 years. The remote Oaxacan village is located 5,000 feet above sea level. The mountainous terrain and warm climate are perfectly suited for the cultivation and fermentation of agave. The López Sosa family palenque is located on the peak of a hill, with an exquisite 360 degree panoramic vista of surrounding mountains and the village below.


Don Rodolfo is part of the third generation of “palenquero,” as artisanal distillers are known in Oaxaca and now brings to the production of handcrafted mezcal 50 years of experience and expertise. He was introduced to the world of mezcal through the tutelage of his grandfather, himself a Maestro Mezcalero hailing from the region of San Juan del Río. He began to help his “abuelito” when he was only seven years old. For him and his family mezcal is a way of life, and more significantly, a passion.